Japan Tour 2015

Our joint tour of Japan with Yantra was a great success and we performed to over 15,000 people in 16 venues across Japan. Seikyo Shimbun newspaper put us on its first page twice, reaching more than 2,000 000 readers. It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to have performed for such a sensitive and emotional audience.

We received some amazing feedback from audience members which was really moving. Love and gratitude to everyone who worked with us and helped us make the tour the roaring success that it was!


Feedback by audience members:

“I was amazed by the profundity of the performance and very much enjoyed the wondrous atmosphere filled with beautiful voices that expressed the singing birds and the beauty of nature. Although there were no instruments involved, I was able to enjoy the wonderful music, and feel people’s heart from it. It was truly magnificent!”

“The voices were lovely, and they were something we are unable to listen to in our daily lives. I could feel the great nature in their voices, and made me wonder how the performers were able to accomplish such beautiful harmony.”

“Their rhythm and characteristic voices are different to what we have in Japan, so I was able to feel the culture of Bulgaria through them.”

PT + Yantra + staff

Pupils from Katabira School:

“It was funny seeing the members of Perunika Trio talking in the middle of the song.”

“I enjoyed “Paune Forkat” the most because of the high sound of bird’s voice. Everybody’s voice was so beautiful.”

“Thank you very much for your great performance today. I was amazed to see what a mouth can do that instruments can’t.”


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