Once upon a time, when Slavic tribes were not yet Christians, there was a mighty god of thunder – Perun. He lived in Pirin Mountain with his beautiful young wife, Perunika. To celebrate her stunning loveliness, the Slavs named after her the enigmatic iris – perunika…

Award-winning London-based PERUNIKA TRIO was founded by artistic director Eugenia Georgieva, following the most archetypal format for Bulgarian harmony singing – the female trio. Incorporating Bulgarian, Macedonian and Russian traditional music and Orthodox chants into a broader Slavic repertoire, as well as Japanese traditional songs in Bulgarian polyphonic arrangement, their a cappella performances include poetry and storytelling. In 2014 The Sunday Times named Perunika Trio “the most high profile (East European outfit) at the moment”.

The three singers of Perunika share a love of the dramatic beauty of Bulgarian folk music, where pagan past, Church Slavonic tradition and five centuries of Ottoman rule fuse, leading you to an exciting journey into Slavic spirituality.

“Rustic, without being overly romantic, combining a madrigal-like delicacy with a brooding Eastern Orthodox spirituality.” Daily Telegraph

“The Perunika Trio are like an ultra-focused choir with just one voice per part, but perfectly tuned and blended.” Evening Standard

“A glorious mixture of extreme vocal sophistication and exhilarating exuberance.” Orlando Gough, composer

“…United in their feistiness, as well as their loyalty to their Balkan roots, the members of Perunika Trio don’t adhere strictly to tradition so much as give it an upgrade.”  GlobalRhythm


Photo by Simon Varsano